Monday, July 18, 2011

Bummer! I wasn't selected to attend the Startup-Onomics conference.

I just got the email from the organizers of Startup-Onomics: The Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups:

At this time we have sent out the first round of invites. We had an overwhelming amount of startups apply to come and we were only able to invite 20% based on our space limitations. There will be a second round of invitations sent on a rolling basis. This will be limited. But don't worry. If you have not received an invite at this time, you can still participate. We will be live streaming the event for our friends abroad and those who cannot attend. We will send an update about this as the event comes closer.

Thanks for your interest in the StartupOnomics Summit and we hope to catch you next time around!

I'm totally bummed.

I was really looking forward to it, and thought I would be an ideal candidate to attend. I'm the founder of a startup in a space that is rife with behavioral economics issues, I'm an economics student with a specific interest in behavioral economics, and I'm already planning to be in San Francisco for a week immediately after the conference.

If anyone has an "in" with the organizers (Hal cough Varian cough Google cough cough) I'm certainly not above having strings pulled in my favor.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Economics I Can Believe In

Son 1 has fixed my blog problem. I'm going to make him a carrot cake. Comparative and absolute advantage....Sun Jul 17 08:54:28 via Twitter for Mac