Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Coefficient of Static Friction

Once you stop, getting started again is the hardest part. That’s just physics. So let’s get started again.

We’re now almost halfway through the Fall 2018 semester. I’m taking Labor Economics and Masterworks of World Drama. Assuming I can get a couple of administrative issues worked out, I’ll have one more course to take next semester. I’m almost finished, and find myself starting to look back and take stock.

I have lots to say, maybe a whole book’s worth, but for now just a couple of thoughts.

First, economists aren’t great at considering change over time and they’re completely unequipped to handle an ever-increasing rate of change. Even Tyler Cowan was taken completely by surprise by AlphaGo. Much, much more to say on this later.

Next, the University could do a much better job at providing community for its students. It’s disheartening but not at all surprising to learn how many kids feel totally lost and alone on this campus of 50,000.

Finally, going back to school has been really rewarding, if a little awkward. I’m fairly comfortable being uncomfortable so the awkwardness hasn’t been much of a problem—and the reward has been even more than I was expecting. Every time I tell someone who’s years out of college what I’m doing they say, “Oh! I’ve thought about doing that!” But none of them ever has. Which is too bad. They should. You should.

More to come. Promise.