Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Economics Reading

prophet-of-innovation.jpg To get myself in the proper mindset to start my economics studies in the spring I've been doing some reading, including Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations (I've just started my slog through Book IV) and Thomas McCraw's biography of Joseph "Creative Destruction" Schumpeter, Prophet of Innovation, which I'm enjoying quite a bit.

I've also subscribed to a number of economics-related blogs, which, although mostly concerned with either macroeconomics or popular Freakonomics-type topics, are nonetheless interesting: I've tried and then unsubscribed from a few others, including the Mises Economics Blog which I found too strident for my taste.

Suggestions for additional reading are welcome.


Ryan Romanchuk said...

Take it back! right this instance!

Charlie said...

I assume you mean about the Mises stuff? :-)

Clay Spinuzzi said...

Capital Games and Gains.

Charlie said...

Thanks, Clay. Subscribed.

Blake said...

I don't understand:

1) You admit your ignorance with respect to economics

2) As you are interested in knowing economics, you decide to remedy this ignorance by going back to school, which is good.

3) To this end, you announce you'll be 'getting your feet wet' by reading a variety of economic perspectives.

4) Without understanding (by your own admission!) the subject you seek to learn about, you dismiss an entire subset of economic thinking (Austrian/Misean) as 'too strident' for your taste, presumably without ever having read any Mises, Hayek, etc.

What am I missing?

Blake said...

re-reading my comment, it sounds snarky.

I apologize - I don't mean to be rude!

Like Ryan, I'd just encourage you to spend more time with the Austrians before dismissing them. (It helps that he and I largely agree with them, of course - hence our advocacy!). If you have a good reason for shelving them at this point, I'd like to hear it.

Regardless, I wish you the best in your studies!

Charlie said...


Thanks for the comment (and especially for the followup). You make a good point. I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss any informed voices in my newly chosen area of study, even if they do ring of extremism.

I've re-subscribed to the Mises blog.