Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Went Wrong with Economics

From What went wrong with economics in The Economist:

Economists need to reach out from their specialised silos: macroeconomists must understand finance, and finance professors need to think harder about the context within which markets work. And everybody needs to work harder on understanding asset bubbles and what happens when they burst. For in the end economists are social scientists, trying to understand the real world. And the financial crisis has changed that world.

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chinfuilan said...

I got hold of the article rather accidentally and was attracted by it. Somehow, it was then put aside due to some preoccupation but it keeps returning and flashing to me like owl’s-carrying-letters sent in to Harry Potter, demanding my involvement to perhaps save the world. Yes, the world is in big trouble and economists can’t help due to perhaps lack of genes and consequentially severe loss of sights.

“What went wrong with economics” is: Economics lacks at least one fundamental foundation. Installing this fundamental will elevate Economics to another platform.

What is this fundamental? It is something that sciences cling on tightly, but economics does not. So, economics has departed from this fundamental, perhaps unconsciously.

What is it then? It is the Fundamental Axiom or Law of Causality, simply means: Cause gives rise to Effect, In = Out, Debit = Credit, a Source for every Outcome, etc which are common senses or self-evident truths.

Tell us in what way the Economics runs away from this fundamental? If you ask: You win, I win, everyone wins, who then is the loser or provider of wealth? Most of economists will tell you that there is no loser. The Economics textbooks also say so. But it cannot be no loser, as it violates the fundamental Law of Causality. So, we must insist for the presence of loser, as dictated by the Fundamental Law of Causality.

On this insistence, one great researcher by the name of HNM had successfully uncovered the identity of the loser and the mask of wealth after an effort of several decades. Needless to say, he has restored the Fundamental Law of Causality back to the economics and make it a strong and real science. Using his new theory, all events in the past or present could be explained with ease, and that it could predict and even provide future policies and directions for our world.

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