Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Books Bought, Lesson Learned

I just bought the textbooks for my two courses at the University Co-Op ("Proudly serving the University of Texas at Austin since 1896"). Total price $351.43. When I got back to my office I found that they were both in stock at Amazon. Total price, including standard shipping, $270.89.

When my package arrives from Amazon in a few days I'll return the books to the Co-Op for a full refund (which I can do until September 11) and realize $80 in savings.

Thanks for, uh, serving me, Co-Op.

Update: Amazon says that Health Economics won't arrive until September 22, so I canceled that. It was only $10 cheaper than the Co-Op anyway. But I'm still saving a ton on the Mankiw book, which should be here on September 1. Whew!

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