Monday, June 7, 2010

So I actually earned that A after all

Last week I sent this email to Dr. Watson regarding my ECO 420K grade:

Dr. Watson-

I'm happy and relieved to see on the registrar's site that I received an A in your 420K class, but I have to say I'm a little surprised too. I wasn't at all sure I had done well on the final exam. I don't see a grade for it on Blackboard--can you tell me how I did?


This morning he responded:


On the final exam you scored 73.5 out of 90, compared with a class average of 44. That is an excellent score, and it was in fact the second highest score in a class of 48 students.

Congratulations on your overall performance, which was well deserving of your A. Thanks for your participation in the class, and best of luck with your future studies.

Randal Watson



The Arthurian said...

Well no wonder you're smilin' in that picture. But what about the other 16.5 points?

(Cough.) Dr. Watson is his name???

Ditto said...

as my grandmother used to say... "soo schmaat my kindela, but what happened to the other 7 points?"

Congrats Charlie.

Charlie said...

Haha, indeed. Thanks.