Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Planning My Degree Program

brb.jpg A few weeks ago I scheduled an appointment with Jana Cole, one of the undergraduate Economics advisors, to plan out the courses I'd need to complete in order to add an Economics major to my degree. She and I went through the degree requirements and found that I had satisfied all of them except the required Economics courses themselves—plus one more thing.

The University now requires students to take an Undergraduate Studies (UGS) course each of their first two semesters. No such courses were offered when I was last in school, but they were described to me as a sort of "gentle introduction to college". Surely, I said, I wouldn't need to take those classes. Jana agreed that I probably wouldn't need them, but did say that I'd need an "accommodation" from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Interestingly, the nifty online Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) tool doesn't seem to care that I've never had a UGS course. (If you haven't noticed yet, UT loves TLA's.) But it is complaining that I haven't declared a a minor, and doesn't seem to have a way for me to do that online.

So tomorrow after I attend the RackSpace Cloud Event as both a blogger and the president of a cloud-based applications company I'll head from CMB over to the FAC as a readmitted student and talk to an advisor there.

Once all that is taken care of, I should be all set to register next week. Very exciting.

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