Friday, May 1, 2009

Much Better!

24-no-wait-30.jpg I got my regraded midterm #2 back today and am pleased to report that I was awarded all of the points I disputed, bringing my score up from 24 to a perfect 30. Much better! I'm not sure what the scribble is below my new score though—is that a heart? Hmm.

Today I also went by the Liberal Arts Dean's Office to transfer to the LA college and change majors from from computer science to economics. I felt guilty, like I should have sent a breakup note to the CS department: "Hey CS, thanks for the degree. I'm leaving you for something new and more interesting." But I didn't.

One nice aspect of my new school is the (slightly) lower tuition. For a full course load, natural sciences students (Texas residents) pay $4,421/semester while liberal arts students pay only $4,260. Even only taking three hours I'll save $71. That's not much but it's not nothing either. (The curious can see the whole tuition schedule here.)

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