Thursday, December 3, 2009

Considering the utility of that last .75 points

Going into my macro final I have a grade of 99.25/100. I have the choice of skipping the final and keeping that grade or taking the final and possibly raising my average to 100. (If I were to score 100 on the final I could drop my grade for Exam 2, which was 97. If I were to score under 97 on the final, that grade would be dropped and my average would be unchanged.)

Now I have to consider the costs and benefits of studying for and taking the final. I've been thinking I would take it, since that would make the study for it, which would help cement the things I've learned this semester into my brain. I'm still leaning that way. But I have a long to-do list at work and a looming deadline, so the opportunity cost of studying is high, and could be huge if I were to miss my deadline.

The potential grade difference isn't significant to me, so instead of using the final exam as a forcing function I think I'll work instead and commit to thoroughly reviewing the material after I'm over the hump at work, which will be around the end of January.

Still, it would be nice to have a perfect 100 average...

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