Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Measuring the distance to the goal

My Health Econ final is tomorrow night. (Yes, night. 7-10p. Dude! Anyway...)

I like to know how I need to perform in order to make my A. So, curves aside, here's the math:

Requirement   Possible   Actual   
Problem Sets1514.3
Exam 12019.8
Exam 22020
Policy Paper1515
Final Exam30?

Since time immemorial, UT has awarded only whole-letter grades for classes (A, B, C, D, and F). But starting this semester they're adding + and - into the mix, albeit with no A+ possible, so the bar for an A just rose from 90 to 93. Bummer.

Therefore for an uncurved A I need 93 points total, or an additional 23.9 points out of a possible 30, which means a 80 or better on the final. (For an uncurved A-, which is not what I want, I need a 70 or better on the final.)

Wish me luck.


jenX said...

Hi Charlie. My husband is 43 and back in school, too. It's very Gen X of both of you. haha! I found your blog using Bloggers' new "next blog" feature, which is suppose to take me to blogs similar to mine. your's really did pique my interest. so many Xers are back in school. good luck and happy holidays!

Charlie said...

Thanks, Jen! Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and cool blog! My wife, also and X-er is back in school. She just finished her undergrad and is now applying for grad school in hopes to get into a school psychology program.

Charlie said...

Thanks! Best luck to your wife.