Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well I can say I've never had a first class meeting like that before. Dr. Slesnick spent about an hour emphasizing how difficult the class will be, how there will be no quarter given, and how each one of us should seriously consider dropping it while we still can.

He reminded me a little bit of John Houseman's Kingsfield character in The Paper Chase, but younger and more intense. (Will I be Hart or Kevin? Yikes.)

So after class I beat a path to the UT Learning Center to sign up for a calculus tutor to help knock the rust off my differentials and integrals.

My kids don't understand about grades. Instead, they think you either "win" or "lose" each class, and the only person who wins is the one who does the best. Everyone else loses.

By that definition, I've won every economics course I've taken so far at UT. Looks like winning this one is going to be an interesting challenge.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your kids are perfect Hardvard candidates :-)

Charlie said...

Yeah, the come from the Larry Ellison school.