Friday, February 20, 2009

First Grades Back: So Far, So Good

We got our first homework and the first midterm back today. I scored 9/9 on the homework and 27/30 on the midterm, which was a relief. I had almost convinced myself that I had made a bunch of stupid one-point mistakes on the midterm. Luckily I only made two. I don't understand why the third point was deducted so I'm going to contest it.

The midterm was instructive in a couple of ways. First, as I've mentioned, my biggest problem was the time constraint. If I had had a little more time to check my work I think I would have gotten a better grade. So for the next test I'll make sure I not only know the material but also can do the problems very quickly. I also realize that my answers were a lot more verbose than they needed to be. Next time I'll try to keep it short.

So far I have a solid A in the class. But Dr. Hickenbottom warned that the next two midterms would be notably more difficult, and that anyone with a perfect score on the first homework should expect their average to come down somewhat over the course of the semester.

The next homework is due Wednesday but since it's due at 9:00am I plan on turning it in Monday. We'll be doing the same informal homework review session immediately before class then.


Enoch said...

hi im in your class lol, 9/9 and 26/30 here.

Charlie said...

Hey, cool! Introduce yourself to me so I can put a face with the name.