Monday, February 9, 2009

Midterm #1 Down, Two More and a Final to Go

Well, Dr. Hickenbottom said the midterm would be time-constrained and he was right. I finished everything (or so I thought) with mere seconds to go but didn't have time to check any of my work.

I just got back to my office, ordered some lunch, and sat down to go over the questions while I could still remember how I answered them. The good news is I don't see anything I obviously answered incorrectly.

The bad news is I totally skipped the last part of one of the questions: "Show in general how the PPF would change in if a new technology improved butter production but had no effect on gun production." Arrggghh! That would have taken about half a second to answer: more butter per gun. Higher Y-intercept, same X-intercept.

That was half of a 3-point (out of 30) question, if I get 2 points deducted for that, that's a 28/30. I can imagine getting 1-2 more points deducted for various style things, but hopefully not. Regardless I don't think I'll score below 26/30. Many people were still working when the TA's called time, and I talked to one girl who didn't have time even to begin the second 11-point question. It will be interesting to see the grade distribution.

Now, back to work for a bit.

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